Summer Party at Meco

rsz_031The Summer Party at Meco kicked off a 12-day stretch when Nova Lola will be in use every day! Our little boat had a very fast run to Sesimbra on Saturday 23 August, surfing at up to 13 knots! Thanks to Diana’s organisation, the evening party at Bar do Peixe was a great success with over 20 members enjoying the fine food and wine – not to mention a special 1st birthday cake for Nova Lola and the Club. The upwind trip back to Lisbon took a bit longer on Sunday, and then Nova Lola is sailing every evening during the week either cruising or practising for Cascais Vela next weekend. Good luck to Nova Lola and the team!

What a Week!!!!

The last week has been so busy for LisbonISC that we have not had time to update the website until now. Saturday 24 May was our Open Day. Nova Lola moved to Belém for the weekend and took guests on try-out sails of about 40 mins. From 10am to 7pm we took four guests each hour. Hopefully we will see them again as members. Skippers Paulo and Yannick had a tiring day and thanks go to them for a great effort, and also to the organizing team led by Diana who ensured the day went smoothly. After a cruise up the river on Sunday, Nova Lola was lifted out for her annual maintenance on Monday. An enormous amount of work was done including a new switchboard, repairs to the Genoa track, a new outboard bracket, anti-fouling and cleaning, polishing and tidying. I hesitate to mention individuals in case I miss someone out, but thanks must go to Walter who co-ordinated the work by a team of 12 plus. After working evenings and the days on Thursday and Friday, a gleaming Nova Lola was launched in time for the weekend’s activities. Spaces are still available – enjoy!

Troféu Rainha Dona Amélia

P1040325On Saturday 15 March the Lisbon International Sailing Club participated in the Troféu Rainha Dona Amélia regatta (organised by Associação Naval de Lisboa) with a women’s team. The regatta rules specify that a woman has to helm during the regatta, but the LisbonISC was proud to be able to submit a crew comprising 5 women sailors, Catrin Egerton, Denise Hanrahan, Gabi Landeau, Rosa Maestre and Helena Ramon. Despite getting off to a rather rocky start, the club boat, Nova Lola, made good progress on the first leg of the regatta. On the second leg, with the wind directly behind, the asymmetrical front sail put Nova Lola at a disadvantage against the boats with spinnakers. Nonetheless, Nova Lola gamely persisted and was the only ANC ‘E’ boat to actually finish the race! Congratulations to Nova Lola and her crew!