“Nova Lola”

Cascais Vela Day 1Nova Lola” is our J80, a 2004 model made in France. The J80 has a reputation for being fast and exciting but easy to sail and safe. It is the only lightweight sports boat to be given an “Offshore” rating under the Recreational Craft Directive.

Nova Lola” was sold to her first owner in Barcelona before being acquired by a sailing school in La Coruna. LisbonISC then bought her and registered her in Portugal under Class 4, which means we have equipped her to sail up to 20 nautical miles from a port of shelter and up to 6 nautical miles offshore. Trips from Lisbon to Cascais and Sesimbra are easily within our range.

There is a lot of information on the web about the J80 and some impressive videos on YouTube, so explore and see what you can find. This page will be used to provide information about “Nova Lola” and how to maintain and sail her. It will  be updated frequently as new material becomes available. The following links and downloads have some useful information to start.

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Ultimate Sails J80 Tuning Guide
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Watch the tacks and gybes on this!