“Papamilhas II”

Papamilhas II at port. Credit: Ani Gupta
Papmilhas II at port, with skipper Paulo Sousa. Credit: Ani Gupta

Our current boat is a Beneteau First 31.7, named Papamilhas II. We had been operating our trusty J-80, “Nova Lola,” for about five years when the purchase of a larger boat was proposed and approved at the annual meeting in early 2018. Following internal consultations, discussions with other sailors and an internet search of sailing boats for sale near and far, we had narrowed our search to a Beneteau First 31.7.

Papamilhas II on the Tejo. Credit: Ani Gupta
Papamilhas II on the Tejo. Credit: Ani Gupta

It was chosen because this type is a fairly unique combination of a competitive racer yet is a comfortable cruiser that sleeps up to six adults. Many boats of this type have been built. There are more than 10 boats of this type in the Lisbon area. Many of them regularly participating successfully in regattas.

Papamilhas II was purchased in Porto in October 2018 and was sailed down to Lisbon during an overnight sail in about 35 hours.

Roadrunner from Looney Tunes. Credit: Wikipedia
Credit: Wikipedia

The name, literally translated to “Mile Eater,” comes from the Portuguese name of the cartoon figure “Roadrunner”.