Personal information policy

Lisbon International Sailing Club (LisbonISC) is a Club of sailing enthusiasts that sail for fun. Still we are committed to protecting your privacy and we have updated our personal information policy in accordance with to EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This page explains how your data is used, your rights and options.

What do we collect?

LisbonISC collects personal information expressly provided by the member or guest joining activities, such as name, email, and phone number for sole purpose of organizing sailing and social events.

Third party software used by LisbonISC, like tools used for announcing Club activities or sailing activity reservations may also collect automatically geographical locations, IP addresses, etc.

How is my personal information used?

The personal information collected by LisbonISC is used solely for the purpose of contacting members or guests, managing Club activities and to meet any legal obligations. We will not sell or provide your information for any other purposes.

What about third-party tools?

Third-party tools, which are used solely to improve the interaction between members and the Club, may collect some of your information.

How is my information protected? Who is allowed access to my information?

We protect the information you provide by not sharing it with anyone outside LisbonISC, except for information collected automatically by the owners of third-party tools used by LisbonISC such as social media or email marketing platforms.

Your name, email and telephone number will be made available to Club skippers for the purpose of organizing sailing events.

 For how long is my information stored?

Your personal information is stored as long you remain a member of the Club and will be deleted or anonymized when not needed for the Club purposes.

In case you leave, and you still want to receive announcements, you will need to subscribe again to our mailing list. Emails received by members or non-members of the Club will be stored for the purpose of maintaining an historical archive. The emails may be deleted upon request at any time.

 How does LisbonISC use your information for marketing purposes?

The only marketing LisbonISC does is announcing Club events (sailing, meetings, social gatherings, etc.) and this is done via email, the website, Facebook, etc.

You will receive communications regarding your membership if you are a member of the Club.

 How may you update or delete your personal information?

The Club member or general user may at any time request via email ( that the personal information is updated or deleted.

In case you do not wish to receive Club announcements of activities, you may unsubscribe from the mailing lists which will automatically remove your email address.

If you ask for your information to be deleted, LisbonISC will retain only information required for its legal obligations.

 What about images?

When you participate in club events (sailing, social, etc) pictures and videos might be taken. If LisbonISC is responsible for taking the images/videos, you will be properly informed, and you will be requested to give your explicit consent.  You may be asked to stay out of pictures and videos used to promote the activities of the Club. LisbonISC is not responsible for pictures or videos taken by members, guests or third parties, and their later use.  The Club will not therefore be held liable and you should address confidentiality issues with the image takers.

With regard to regattas, and depending on the organising club, the skipper is obliged when registering for the regatta to consent to image capture and sharing (photo and video through websites, social media, promotional material, etc) by the organisers or third parties of the boat and participating crew.  Please see the regatta instructions of the event in which you will be participating.

 Contact details

If you have any data privacy protection question, comment or request, contact us by sending an email to