Sailing to Alcochete – a how-to guide

On Sunday November 8 an intrepid band of Lisbon ISC explorers decided to sail across the sea – just across the Mar de Palha to Alcochete admittedly, but a new route for Club all the same. As it’s a trip which needs to be timed carefully (the shallows on the other side can be tricky), the skipper of the outing, Nuno Elias, has kindly put together a ‘how-to’ guide for other skippers and crew.

Happy reading!

How-to Alcochete V1.1


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Vendée Globe’s Groupe Bel in Cascais

The Vendée Globe continues to take a toll on the competitors with 4 boats retired and others making running repairs. Check out the Vendée Globe website to follow this legendary race.

One of the retired boats, Groupe Bel skippered by Kito de Pavant, is in Cascais marina after colliding with a fishing boat.

[dailymotion id=xv19iq]

Groupe Bel in Cascais

This photo of the cockpit was taken from the pontoon nearest to the Cascais marina office.